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The Covid-19 pandemic has widowed many Indian women and orphaned young children who's survival solely depended on their fathers. Enrich Lives Foundation has identified such COVID widows and is looking to support them with immediate cash relief so they can rebuild their lives. Many of these women and children will be pushed into prostitution, drug peddling and homelessnes without your support. COVID Widow #1. Shabana Rafik Pathan lost her husband Rafiq in August of 2020 due to covid. She didn't even get a chance to see her husband for one last time and has been traumatized ever since and is struggling to take care of her young daughter. She was forced to vacate her single room in Dharavi slums and is now homeless. She has always been a housewife and is struggling to feed her daughter. She has no support from her parents or in-laws as even thery are struggling. COVID Widow #2. Sabila Khatoon lost her husband due to COVID and is now struggling to take care of her four daughters. Her daughters can no longer go to school and are forced to work as housemaids or in local shops to support the family. She says she will have to marry them off soon since she doesn't know how long she can feed them. With no income or job prospects, the 5 of them struggle to live yet another day in Dharavi, Mumbai's poorest slums. COVID Widow#3 Mamta Devi lives in Dhanbad, a rural district of Jharkand infamous for it's coal mines. Her husbad was a tuition teacher and used to teach the children of coal mine workers. He passed away due to COVID this April. He was the sole earner of his family. He leaves behind two children, a daughter studying in college and a son studying in 10th grade. Both children will have to drop out of their education and find any job possible to make ends meet. ....and many more! We have already identified 10 COVID widows and have inbound cases on a daily basis. Your support can help these families keep a roof over their heads, feed and educate their children and have a fighting chance at survival. All your donations will be directly transferred to these COVID widows. Let's save one family at a time!

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